Our Story

kyle and ben owner pic
Owners of bStrong Bellevue, Kyle and Ben

We are not a franchise. We are not a national chain. We are locally-owned and operated. We view our members not as membership numbers, but as community members, as individuals, as human beings.

Many gyms make a large amount of their money off people who don’t show up. Our goal is to have members who DO show up, who DO make progress, who DO live a healthy lifestyle. We’re not for people who want to throw their money away.

bStrong started in 2013, under the name bFit. After a few years of transition in the business, Kyle and Ben took over in 2015 and put to use their extensive backgrounds in fitness and wellness. Over the years, they’ve been able to grow the community and bring stability to the business and environment. They’ve been joined by some excellent coaches to connect to even more people in a variety of ways.