Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a hybrid service combining elements of personal training and circuit training classes. Each group will consist of 3-5 members with one coach. They will be run like group personal training sessions and will be structured and programmed by coaches into month-long cycles.  

We’ll be able to closely track progress for each member. We’ll take great care setting up the class in a way that will allow for disinfecting of equipment when necessary as we move through the space. These workouts will be predominantly strength-driven, but will also include intervals to get you stronger, leaner and better-conditioned. Working with each individual, we will be able to modify exercises to work around specific injuries or limitations.

By committing to a time, this is your reserved spot for the month, and any months following if you choose. You are guaranteed your place in the group for the month and you’ll be working with the same members. Your small group will meet 1x, 2x, or 3x/week, depending on which program you select. This will not only help minimize the number of people you’re exposed to each time you come in, but also build a sense of accountability within your group. 

In order to run a particular small group for the month, we will require a minimum of 3 members to be signed up.

Small Group Training memberships also come with Unlimited Zoom Classes and full access to our Trainerize app with video workouts for when you can’t make it into the gym.


  • 3x/Week Training: $299/month
  • 3x/Week Training + *Classes: $329/month
  • 2x/Week Training: $239/month
  • 2x/Week Training + *Classes: $289/month
  • 1x/Week Training: $179/month
  • 1x/Week Training + *Classes: $259/month

Month-to-month contracts. *up to 10 classes per month

If you’re interested in 1-on-1 or partner training, check out our Personal Training options.

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