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Welcome to the bStrong Community! We’re here to help you get better.

We’ve been in Bellevue for over seven years, and have spent the past several as Bellevue’s #1-ranked gym on Yelp while helping hundreds of people get stronger, leaner, and more confident.

The pandemic has had a major impact on our lives. But it’s as important as ever to take care of ourselves and our health. That’s why we’ve done our best to create an incredibly clean and safe environment. We’re limiting capacity to make sure everyone can keep a safe distance and no equipment is shared without first being disinfected by one of our coaches. We upgraded our entire HVAC system during the shutdown and added an industrial fan to help with the circulation of fresh air.

What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training is a hybrid service combining elements of personal training and circuit training classes. Each group consists of 3-6 members with one coach. Workouts are run like group personal training sessions and are structured and programmed by coaches into month-long cycles to closely track progress for each member to make sure they’re staying accountable and making improvement.  

These workouts are predominantly strength-driven, but also include intervals to get you stronger, leaner and better-conditioned. Working with each individual, we are able to modify exercises to work around specific injuries or limitations.

How will it help me?

Small group training comes with more accountability than your regular gym workouts and fitness classes. You are committed to a schedule and we’ll keep you on track. We’ll also take the guesswork out of planning your workouts. Our certified coaches (with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees) plan the workout programs with focus and purpose. We’re not here to drive you into the ground on a daily basis. That’s how you burn out and get injured. We’re here to provide you a path to long-term, sustainable health and fitness.

How does scheduling work?

We currently have a few times remaining in our established schedule. Once you have a confirmed time, the spot is yours as long as you continue your training (all the more reason to lock-in a time early). We may open up more times depending on specific demand, but have limited availability with our other classes and training.

By committing to a time, you are reserving that spot for the month, and any months following if you choose. Your small group meets 1x, 2x, or 3x/week, depending on which program you select. This not only helps minimize the number of people you’re exposed to each time you come in, but also builds a sense of accountability within your group. 

Is there a long-term commitment?

While you’re much more likely to see results if you stay consistent over a long period of time, we understand the world is quickly changing with people’s work arrangements and schedules. We run our Small Group Training as a month-to-month contract. You may change or cancel your membership with a notice of two weeks before the end of your current month.

What if I’m new to working out?

We’ve worked with LOTS of beginners (most of our long-term members started with us as beginners). Our professional coaches are comfortable making modifications to work with your limitations and your abilities.

Do you offer virtual workouts?

Yes! We currently offer live Zoom classes and app-based workouts (included with your Small Group Training) to help people on any schedule, no matter where you are. Read more about it here.

What’s the pricing?

We’re fully transparent with our pricing. We’re not trying to lure you in with any sneaky sales pitch or long-term contracts.

  • 3x/Week Training: $299/month
  • 3x/Week Training + *Classes: $329/month
  • 2x/Week Training: $239/month
  • 2x/Week Training + *Classes: $289/month
  • 1x/Week Training: $179/month
  • 1x/Week Training + *Classes: $259/month

Month-to-month contracts. *up to 10 classes per month

If you’re interested in 1-on-1 or partner training, check out our Personal Training options.

Do you have an intro offer?

Yes! We’re currently offering new members HALF OFF their first month, with no long-term commitment.

How can I apply?

What if I have questions?