bStrong At-Home Training

We know everyone’s lives have been turned upside down by the spread of the coronavirus. Our goal is, and has always been, to take care of our community by providing support to remain healthy and active through all phases of life and chaos.

Because of the recent shutdown, we’ve been forced to move our fitness services online. We recently invested in some pretty cool software that allows us to build and deliver workouts to your phone. 

With the app, your workouts will show up on your phone with video demonstrations, set and reps, and a built-in interval timer. Many of the workouts have full YouTube videos of Kyle and Ben taking you through the entire workout.

If you’ve been coming in over the years, you’ll be familiar with most of the exercises. If you’ve never been here before, the videos will provide solid demos while guiding you through each workout. We’re also here to help you out with questions that come up along the way.

So if you have any friends or colleagues who might be interested, feel free to pass this info along to them. It should work well for most people who have some exercise experience.

We feel that offering this on a week-to-week basis provides the most flexibility since there are likely to be more changes as this whole ordeal unfolds. 

Option 1:

(2) Circuit Workouts + (1) Cardio Workout per Week + (1) Video Yoga Class

Cost: $30/week (+tax), billed weekly until we re-open or you cancel

Option 2:

(4) Circuit Workouts + (2) Cardio Workouts per Week + (1) Video Yoga Class

Cost: $40/week (+tax), billed weekly until we re-open or you cancel

Both options will include a pair of Valslides and a Mini Band (like we use in the gym). We’ll provide a few times you can stop by to pick these up. But if you won’t be near the gym, we’ll mail them to you.

We’re also planning on adding more benefits to the options, including helpful tips, articles and videos.

After purchasing, please send an email to so we can sync your email address to the app to set everything up.

The bottom line is that we’re doing EVERYTHING we can to keep you happy and healthy during this process. We’re not ready to leave anybody behind on their fitness journey just because life is disrupted for a period of time. We like to preach resilience here at bStrong and this is a perfect time to display it.

Let’s all take care of ourselves and each other!